Monthly Archives: May 2016

Weekly writing prompt #5

Jazz trumpeter Henry Allen playing in 1946

Music can be a wonderful source of inspiration, as well as creating a vast range of emotions. Pop on either your favourite song or one chosen at random and create a short story, play or poem based on it. Like my last prompt, this can be as long or short as you like. Try setting […]

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How to find the time to write

Typists working hard during 1915.

How to fit writing around your busy lifestyle

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Weekly writing prompt #4

A view of some islands from a plane

Imagine that you find yourself trapped on an island. How did you get there? What does it look like? Who is with you? What can you hear, see and smell? How will you escape? This prompt can be as brief or in-depth as you’d like. Try setting a timer for around 20 minutes and let […]

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Interviewing: 6 ways to improve your technique

Photographer taking pictures of a journalist during the 1930s

Interviews – whether they are face-to-face or over the phone – are a fantastic way of gathering information. Not only are they handy for journalists, but copywriters, authors and bloggers will find them a gold mine of information. People are fascinating creatures and often have stories to tell that you’d ever expect. But making the […]

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Weekly writing prompt #3

UFO sightings chart from 1969

As it was Star Wars Day earlier this month, I thought that this week’s exercise could be something a little more fun.

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The best advice for new bloggers

A child learning to skate using a chair

I’ve compiled the best information out there on the web to help you transform your website.

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