The best advice for new bloggers

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Although I’ve been writing professionally for a fair few years now, setting up a personal blog has been a new experience.

Thankfully, there are plenty of people sharing brilliant advice for new bloggers!

I’ve compiled the best information out there on the web to help you transform your website.

Use images

This advice will be familiar to anyone who has done social media marketing, but it’s worth repeating. Images provide interest for your blog – people love to look at pictures and are more likely to share posts with images they find attractive.

If your photography skills aren’t up to scratch or you don’t have the time to take a library of pictures, then help is out there. I find Flickr’s copyright-free image search especially helpful for finding quirky pictures that stand out from the crowd.

Source: Blogher – Top 10 Blogging Tips for Beginners

Be concise

Online readers prefer shorter posts – something they can dip into and easily understand.

This is because people reading online often have a goal in mind, so you need to capture their interest to make them read until the end.

Source: Writer’s Digest – 8 Things Every Blogging Writer Should Know

Tell people about it

If you want people to come and read your perfectly crafted posts, then you need to let them know they exist.

Chat to friends and family, set up social media accounts and get promoting! The SocialMS’s website is packed full of useful tips for getting your name heard, and their Twitter cheatsheet is a must-read.

Source: The SocialMS – 12 Awesome Ideas To Drive More Traffic To Your New Blog

Update your favicon

A favicon (or ‘blavatar’ in WordPress-speak) is the small image displayed next to your website’s name in the tab at the top of your browser.

Having the WordPress logo displayed screams “newbie” at potential readers, so if you want to look professional it’s a good idea to amend it. If, like me, you’re a WordPress user, just log into your WP Admin dashboard, head to ‘general settings’ and upload a blog picture.

Similarly, be sure to amend your URLs to avoid them appearing as strings of random letters and numbers. Better for readers, better for SEO.

Source: WebHosting Secret Revealed – 5 Ways to Avoid Looking Like A Newbie Blogger

Assess your progress

Finally, my own nugget of advice – analytics are your friend. You can use stats to judge the best headlines to use, the most effective hashtags and the themes that people enjoy.

Google Analytics is not only one of the most effective tools, but comes with a series of fantastic free online training programmes. Check out Google Analytics Academy to boost your knowledge.

If you’re on Twitter, I find that is an extremely useful tool for monitoring clickthroughs. Plus, you’ll find its URL shortening service fantastic for cutting down on character count.

Every so often take a step back, read through your site and think about possible improvements. Then make them one small step at a time. If you can get a friend or colleague to have a glance through – even better!


There are hundreds of articles on improving your blogging skills out there, but my favourite pieces of advice are:

  • Use images
  • Keep your posts concise
  • Spread the word
  • Amend your favicon
  • Use analytics

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